The power of intuition is amazing, I would like to share a couple of my stories where intuition has played a wonderful factor in my life. When I moved to Canada I struggled to get a job for some months. I had taken a job I hated at some point in a call center and I was determined to never get these jobs that just pay and suck the life out of you, so I decided to start studying a little and get a certification that would make my resume look better, after all I really wanted to get a job in my profession. I applied to lots of jobs just to come back to the IT field. I had an objective on my mind and I was focused "I just need that one interview" I would tell to myself often. I finally got one interview back in the IT field in support, I said to myself "well I want to go back to the field so it would not be bad for me", but at the same time that particular path wasn't what I wanted either. I wanted to get my career back to the QA path and I was studying towards that, since I got that interview for the support position which was also in Spanish and would offer some traveling I wasn't completely disappointed, anyway to make the long story short I was kind of convinced that there was going to be something else for me, now I realize that was intuition which make me be honest in my interview when I said I was more into QA. Even after being completely honest they considered me for the position but then gave it to someone else. I wasn't particularly sad but I thought that maybe I should have lied in my interview in order to have been hired. But life surprises you amazingly sometimes, 2 weeks later after that I was called for a QA position, in the health department, everything was just exactly matching to what I had previously done. It shocked me in a good way because I finally landed the job I wanted and it was thanks to the intuition and the conviction to be genuine and truly to what you want to achieve and want to become. The day of my interview I was extremely nervous, I knew that was my chance to shine and I watched a few motivational videos before the interview and I even cried for the anxiety I was getting of failing. Because I had to let myself out, I somewhat spoke determined that I wanted that job so badly without trying to sound desperate (which I kinda was) so they gave me that job!, I hope you enjoyed my reading, until the next one!


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